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Get your IT power usage under control

One of the main overheads of running data centre or comms room equipment, servers and network infrastructure is power. Within power costs it is also important to remember indirect costs for power used, for example generating heat from equipment which then also needs power to be cooled, causing the cost to be compounded.

In 2022, power prices for many businesses could be set to rise by potentially 4x to 10x (1,000%) as soon as any fixed rate plans expire.

Whilst the unit cost of power is often out of a business' control (and unaffected by domestic price caps), the one thing you can control is your usage.

Prior to 2022, power costs were low enough that smaller choices in your network & infrastructure equipment and configuration did not have a significant impact on overheads, however increase power costs by 400% to 1000% and they become much more of a cost saving opportunity.

How we can help analyse your IT energy costs

Ridgeon Network IT Power Consultancy can help you...

  1. Review and map out power usage of your servers, infrastructure and all IT equipment
  2. Find areas for consolidation and power saving
  3. Find redundant equipment or technology using unnecessary power
  4. Identify inefficient equipment and suggest alternatives
  5. Analyse equipment configuration and optimise power usage
  6. Assist with implementation of changes to reduce power consumption
  7. Explore options for alternative power solutions
  8. Advise on uninterruptible power backup power solutions to cover blackouts
  9. Assist with finding a fixed price commercial energy once your consumption has been reduced

In turn your business could benefit from...

  1. Lower energy bills
  2. Reduced exposure to further commercial electricity rises
  3. A reduced carbon footprint, increasing your business' green credentials
  4. Controlling overheads and a reduced requirement to increase costs to your customers / end users.

Why we understand IT power consumption

Ridgeon Network provides Secure FTP Hosting data storage & server hosting. We operate all our own equipment in UK data centres to provide high levels of service and support to our clients.

We are perfectly positioned to assist you as we have done this analysis on our own business due to the self-hosted and self-managed nature of our network and infrastructure.

Ridgeon Network will analyse your equipment and infrastructure from a technical perspective to understand what you actually *need* to run your services and provide resilience whilst ensuring power is not being wasted.

We are ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified with a professional and friendly approach to business.

Who we can help with IT power analysis

  • Businesses with colocation/server racks in data centres
  • Businesses with their own server rooms
  • Businesses with their own comms rooms
  • Businesses with medium to large amounts of IT equipment (even desktops, screens etc can be analysed and configuration tweaked)

You can contact us on, call us on 02476 382 031 or complete the enquiry form on this page with your requirements and we will be in touch.


ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 9001 Certified

Cyber Essentials Certified

GDPR & DPA Compliant

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Please let us know your requirements below and we will be happy to analyse and advise on how we can assist your business.

  • Size of your business
  • Amount / type of equipment you have
    (e.g. 2 server rooms, 25 servers, 100 desktops)
  • Current monthly or annual power usage in KwH
  • Current unit rate per KwH
  • When your fixed plan ends, if applicable
Ridgeon network IT Power analysis & consultancy

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