What is My IP Address?

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What is an internet IP address?
This is your unique internet connection address on the internet.
If you share you internet connection, all your computers will use the same internet IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol.

Why is this useful?
Knowing your IP address can be useful for diagnostics when you are having problems with internet based services. You may also need this information if someone is trying to access services you are providing from your computer.

Are there any other types of IP?
Yes, if you use a local area network (LAN), you will also have a local network IP address that identifies your computer to other computers on your local network.

When does it change?
Depending on your internet provider this could change at any time!
Some providers will change your IP address each time you connect to the internet. With some providers you can pay to have a static (non changing) IP address, but usually at an extra charge.

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