Ways to Access your Online Storage

All our FTP Hosting packages provide an array of methods for you and your clients to access and manage your data.

Access the Web Panel directly from all major Web Browsers - Standard HTTP and Secure HTTPS.

Web Browser - HTTP and HTTPS (Secure)

Give your clients access to their areas and files through all major web browsers and operating systems.

Through both standard and encrypted access, your users can upload, download, rename, delete files and manage folders directly from their web browser, without any additional software. This is also ideal if some of your client have ports blocked on their corporate network.

Use FTP Client Software on any platform to transfer and manage your online storage file system.

FTP Client Software - FTP & Secure FTP/FTPS

Access and manage your files using any FTP client software. FTP Clients allow you to transfer files between your computer and the server, usually with your computer on the left and the server on the right. Simply drag and drop your files from one to the other.

We use and recommend FileZilla, a free FTP client for both Windows and Mac but there are 100s out there!

Integrate your storage into your Windows (Explorer) or Mac (Finder) operating system so you can simply drag and drop files like using a folder on your computer.

Windows Explorer, Network Locations & Mac Finder Integration - FTP

Easily integrate your FTP hosting into Windows Explorer or 'Network Locations' within Windows (Finder on Mac), this allows your to treat your FTP space just like another folder on your computer by dragging files to and from it, or simply using 'copy and paste'.

Secure Shell File Transfer using SSH / SFTP from a software client or from the command line.

Secure Shell File Transfer - SSH / SFTP

Use a secure file transfer client such as WinSCP (free SSH File Transfer Client) to securely transfer files over SSH (SFTP) to your space and manage your files like you would with an FTP Client.

Additionally command line tools supporting SSH (also available in WinSCP) can be used to automate processes such as backups.

Command Line access, Scripts and Automation allow you to integrate your storage into your applications.

Command Line, Scripts and Automation

Using any of the protocols supported, you can access our FTP hosting servers from the command line, shell, scripts and custom applications.

This allows you to automate processes and integrate your FTP file system into your business applications and processes. As one of our core areas is Software Development, we can also assist you with any custom development, feel free to discuss this with us.

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