About Us

Ridgeon Network has been providing Professional Internet Services for over a decade.

Established in 1998, Ridgeon Network has been providing services to Internet and computer users across the globe for over 10 years. Ridgeon Network provides professional Internet services and solutions to a wide range of business sectors. Our aim is to provide hosted solutions to support all sizes of businesses. We pride ourselves in our commitment to a high level of professional customer service, requirements analysis, support and maintaining great customer relations.

We are a UK based Internet Services company with focus on providing Internet based business solutions such as FTP Hosting, Cloud Storage, Online Storage and Virtual Server Hosting (VPS). All of our equipment and infrastructure is owned by us and is based here in the Midlands, UK giving us quick access to our network and the ability to provide superior service and support to our customers.

The Network Concept

Ridgeon Network offers a range of professional Internet services that can be networked together to provide full business solutions. If you are interested in how Ridgeon Network can help you improve your internal and external operations, get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Office Location:
Ridgeon Network Ltd
Alma Park
Woodway Lane
LE17 5BH

+44 (0)2476 382 031


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