Web Based Administration Features

All our FTP Hosting packages come with a Web Based Admin Panel for you to manage your user accounts, permissions and settings with ease.

Keep your company files separate from each of your clients and suppliers. By assigning 'home folders' each of your clients, suppliers or departments will be isolated and will not even know your other files exist.

FTP Hosting and UK Online Data Storage
Create, Manage and Isolate Users using the full web-based online control panel. The 'wizard' button allow you to create a new user in just a few simple steps.

Create, Manage and Isolate Users

Using the simple wizard button you can create, setup and isolate a user for one of your clients in just a few clicks.

Simply enter their details, allocate them to a folder and the account will be instantly created. When this new user logs in, all they will have access to are the files and folders within their home folder.

Configure Advanced Settings for Users using the control panel's comprehensive features.

Configure Advanced Settings for Users

Although you can use the Wizard options to quickly create users, the admin panel also gives you the ability to customise a large array of user's settings.

Assign the user to groups, show a welcome message upon login, set account availability (days and time), allow/deny access per IP address, create virtual paths (links to other folders outside their home folder), assign upload and download limits (bandwidth, connections, max file size etc) and a huge array of other settings.

Apply Branding to your Login Screen so your customers can identify with your company.

Apply Branding to your Login Screen

Allow your users and customers to identify with your existing company branding by adding your logo to the login screen.

Simply email us your logo and we will do the work for you at no extra cost.

Change a huge array of settings should you need further customisation.

Change Server Settings for Your Hosting

You can modify a huge amount of advanced settings within the admin panel to customise the user experience and security of your hosting with us.

For example; enforcing of strong passwords, make passwords expire, install company SSL / encryption certificates, restrict numbers of sessions and transfer speeds, block IP addresses, enable password recovery and much more!

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