Scalable and Secure FTP Hosting with Ridgeon Network

FTP Hosting - Scaleable and SecureRidgeon Network offers fully scalable Secure FTP hosting that constitutes the perfect platform for your company's file-sharing. This service is quick, easy, efficient and extremely secure. We have invested a huge amount of time and money into giving you and your clients the business-level degree of service and protection you would expect.

High-grade security technology

If you want reliable security, you need to invest in some of the best protection technology available. That's exactly what Ridgeon Network has done. We use cutting-edge equipment and software in every part of our network - from hardware firewalls to filter out potentially dangerous traffic, to our highly secure data centres.

Vigilant surveillance

Our commitment to security doesn't stop with premium software and equipment. Our services are monitored every second of every day. In the unlikely event that a potential service problem occurs, our team of highly trained support experts will be notified immediately and will resolve the situation before it develops. Surveillance not only occurs physically at the data centre but also virtually with systems monitoring for suspicious activity and applying appropriate blocks.

Total granular control

Ridgeon Network takes care of security, but puts the rules directly under your command. Each of our FTP hosting packages comes with a full administration control panel, which lets you monitor the usage of files and provides total control of the system. Among other things, you can:

  • Set individual access rights for each user
  • Enforce safe password creation
  • Disable or restrict user accounts
  • Create certificates for FTPS/HTTPS, or import one from a certificate authority
  • Control the number of sessions associated with an IP address

Bespoke service

Of course, Ridgeon Network doesn't just offer a comprehensive list of standard features; all of our FTP hosting clients are encouraged to contact us concerning their own specific requirements.

We operate our own equipment, so we can create a level of security tailored directly to your own individual requirements. This high level of customisation is another way that Ridgeon Network stands out from the crowd of companies offering more strictly-packaged deals.

For more information concerning our high levels of security, or to talk through your own requirements with us, contact Ridgeon Network today.

About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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