FTP Hosting for sharing files with staff, clients and suppliers

Email just does not cut it these days when it comes to sharing data of any substantial size, but FTP Hosting can provide a solution to this and much more. You also cannot guarantee the size limit of an email as each recipient's server settings could be different. Our FTP Hosting and Online Storage services give you an organised, reliable and secure method of storing and sharing your project files.

FTP Hosting from Ridgeon Network allows you to set up isolated user areas for all of your users, no matter who they work for or with. For example, you can easily setup separate areas for your staff, clients and suppliers then allocate them to different areas of your storage space. This is not only useful for organising your data but also means your users are isolated away from one another and are not even aware that other users or data exist on the FTP Server.

The diagram below shows how an FTP Hosting service can provide you with a central storage location and yet make it appear completely separated for each your end-users. Of course, you may also have some users who you need to be able to access all data or multiple users who need access to the same folders or directory structure. Our online web panel / control panel allows the FTP Server administrator to fully control access of all users on the system and implement the most complex of permissions / access control if required.

FTP Hosting User Isolation

Ensure your users are isolated and your data is secure with our Online Storage & FTP Hosting packages.

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About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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