Why Having Security Rules In Place Is A Smart Move

Secure FTP Hosting Security RulesHosting your data with a professional provider ensures the highest level of security for your data, however a one size fits all approach reduces the level of overall protection and often will not meet a business's specific needs. The best way around this is to have the option to customise your security rules for your own specific situation.

Ridgeon Network's Secure FTP Hosting gives you the ability to set your own rules, resulting in higher levels of security and easier to use systems. The custom security rules that can be implemented include:

Secure Access Options - You have access to a variety of the most common protocols used for securely transferring files; FTPS, SFTP (SSH) and HTTPS (Secure web browser). Different protocols impact how data is exchanged, what level of security is offered as well as various firewall considerations. We give you the option to choose the protocol that suits you best and turn off those that you do not wish to use.

Choose Who Has Access To What Data - Having the ability to determine who has access to what data ensures it can only be accessed by the right people, this includes making certain folders inaccessible to different people and allocating users to a home directory to keep private folders unseen. Along with restricting certain users, you also have the option to grant access to only specific IP addresses, ranges or security protocols and set the number of sessions available per IP address.

Monitor and Audit All Activity - In addition to our inbuilt security monitors, you have the ability to access our RMS (Reporting & Monitoring System) panel to audit access to your confidential or restricted data. Reports include all user sessions, Uploads, Downloads, Deletions, Renames, Creations and IP address information. If required, you are also able to access raw logs right down to Low level FTP Commands.

Specify Password Requirements - Weak passwords or passwords that have been in use for an excessive period of time can diminish the level of security you have available. To avoid this, Ridgeon Network gives you the ability to set rules about password length, how often passwords need to be changed and the ability to deny people from changing their own passwords, if required.

Expire accounts - Having access to data beyond the necessary timeframe can result in significant security breaches. By setting account expiry times, you can deny people access beyond certain dates which means only the people who should have access to your data will.

Log Out Idle Users - A user failing to log out can lead to unwanted people having access to the account if left on-screen. We give you the option to set a time period of how long an account can be idle for. This is the safest way to guarantee your data isn't left available after the right user has failed to log out.

Key File Authentication - In replacement or in addition to authentication using passwords, you can add an additional layer of security by requiring a key file-based authentication on SFTP (Secure FTP over SSH). This increases security by having multi-factor authentication to ensure the person connecting is who they say they are.

If you are interested in a Secure FTP solution hosted in the UK, contact us today with your requirements and we'll be happy to set up a free trial for your business.

About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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