Using FTP Hosting for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Using FTP Hosting for Electronic Data InterchangeWe get contacted by many businesses that require a central location to collect data from various sources and clients, where they can then use automated processes to retrieve and process that data. Our FTP Hosting Services offer many methods and protocols for you to collect that data, for example we support Standard FTP, SFTP (Secure FTP over port 22 or 'SSH'), FTP with SSL Encryption (FTPS) and our web interface/control panel where files can be manually uploaded from a web browser if needed.

With all of the above protocols available, this means you can have various clients software connecting to your central FTP Hosting storage, depositing data as and when required. Your internal systems can then poll our servers at a set interval and retrieve new data for processing. Lets explore a few example of how this type of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is used in business..

Order Processing - Orders come in to your central storage from several of your customers, without the need to manually process them your internal ERP or order processing systems can collect the orders from your Online Storage and process them as if they had been directly inputted locally.

Event Processing and Analysis - External systems upload data relating to a particular event and your systems process that data, for example a several weather stations can upload data to your central storage point.

Data Processing and Manipulation - External systems upload data to be analysed, manipulated and then if needed returned to their sender following your internal analysis processes. A good example would be a photograph/image processing system.

Our FTP Hosting and Online Storage platform is not restricted in the types of files or data you can store or concurrent connections. This makes our service ideal for interchanging data between systems or your clients whether the data needing processing is XML, CSV, XLS, Images, Video etc. Our Secure FTP Hosting solutions mean you have that centralised online storage server without the need to open your company firewalls or procure expensive hardware and software.

If you have an automated process that needs fast, secure and UK-based Online Storage, please feel free to contact us with your requirements and we would be happy to set up a free trial.

About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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