The importance of a web-based admin panel for secure FTP hosting

FTP Hosting - Scaleable and SecureAs invaluable as secure FTP hosting undoubtedly is for a company's online data storage needs, particularly with regard to the transfer of large files between that organisation and their clients, good hosting of this nature will offer so much more functionality to make it a worthwhile investment. Here at Ridgeon Network, we are especially proud of our comprehensive and easy to use web-based admin panel.

Ridgeon Network's web-based admin panel offers everything that one could require for the effective and effortless management of user accounts, permissions and settings. Our customers appreciate the ability that our admin panel gives them to separate their company files from their clients and suppliers, the assignment of 'home folders' ensuring that users are not even aware of the existence of your other files.

It only takes a few clicks to create, setup and isolate a given user via our simple wizard. All that you need to do is enter their details and allocate them to a folder to instantly create an account. When this new user logs in, they will only have access to whatever files and folders are in their home folder. If you are willing to stray from the wizard to the rest of the admin panel, you will see a vast range of other user settings to modify.

Such advanced settings range from the option to assign the user to groups, to the display of a welcome message upon login and the setting of account availability, in terms of both days and time. You are also able to allow or deny access on the basis of IP address, assign upload and download limits in relation to bandwidth or connections, and/or create virtual paths, which are links to folders outside the user's home folder.

Various other advanced settings can be explored, including for the customisation of both the user experience and the security of your hosting with us. You can force passwords to expire, for example, enforce the strength of passwords, install company encryption certificates, restrict transfer speeds or numbers of sessions and/or block IP addresses, among an extensive range of other possibilities.

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About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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