So many ways of reaching your online storage

FTP HostingThe application of transferring large files between your own company and your clients naturally demands the very best FTP hosting package for the job - and you really can't do better than our fully featured packages here at Ridgeon Network. Our secure online file storage solution really does offer everything for your business, from scalable storage capacities and a branded login screen to a dedicated static IP address and the complete administration panel.

Another major benefit of opting for our own hosting is the range of means by which you and your clients can access and manage the data that you have stored online. Access can be granted through a web browser, with all major browsers and operating systems being catered for. This gives your clients the freedom of uploading, downloading, renaming and deleting files, as well as managing folders, with no additional software or knowledge necessary.

As expected, there's also the option of your files being accessed and managed via any client FTP software. With an FTP client, files can be transferred between your computer and the server through a simple 'drag and drop' system. Although the free FileZilla client is what we use and recommend for both Windows and Mac users, there are hundreds of others out there that may serve you just as well.

Another way of making your storage easily accessible is by having your FTP hosting easily integrated into Windows Explorer or 'Network Locations' within Windows, or Finder on Mac. Again, this allows you to simply 'drag and drop' files to and from your FTP space, as if it was just another one of your computer folders.

Or why not securely transfer files to your space over SSH (SFTP), via a secure file transfer client like WinSCP? This enables the management of your files akin to that with an FTP client. Processes like backups can also be automated with the use of command line tools supporting SSH (also available in WinSCP).

Finally, you may also consider accessing Ridgeon Network's FTP hosting servers from the command line, shell, scripts and custom applications, drawing upon any of the supported protocols. This route allows for the automation of processes and the integration into your business applications of your FTP file system. What is more, our software development expertise means that your custom development needs can be catered for.

Enquire today about how your organisation can benefit from the complete FTP hosting package from Ridgeon Network.

About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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