Secure FTP Hosting: a smarter choice

Secure FTP HostingUntil relatively recently, most people and organisations shared files and project data by including them as an attachment in an email, or by using flash drives. But it's now more important than ever to recognise the significant rewards of Secure FTP hosting and online storage.

Secure FTP hosting from Ridgeon Network is efficient and economical. Comparably, using external hard drives results in rising costs, and not just in terms of money - man hours must be unnecessarily wasted in storage and data checks. FTP hosting provides better storage without wasting time or energy, and does so for a low, fixed monthly fee without the risk of losing data.

Firstly, unlike emailed attachments, FTP hosting doesn't restrict the size of your documents - at Ridgeon Network we provide the capacity to store from 1GB to over 4TB (over 4000GB), so you'll never have to worry about file sizes. Our full administration panel then allows you to fully manage your online files and access to them.

While enjoying the convenience of storing and sharing your data with one system, we allow you to customise that system into separate sections for different clients, employees, and departments. Utilising our simple and intuitive wizard, you can create personalised folders for each user, hiding or allowing access to whatever files you choose. You can also choose to allow or deny access based on different IP addresses to further lock down access as required.

To ensure the security of your data, Ridgeon Network uses Enterprise-level security and hardware, giving you perfect peace of mind. Using our administration panel, you wield total control over your system's security: users can be isolated, forced to create highly secure passwords and monitored on their activity for auditing purposes. Here at Ridgeon Network, we understand the importance of total security, and that's exactly what we provide.

Secure FTP hosting allows you to store and share files using any major browser as well as FTP/SFTP clients and offers an efficiency, usability, and security unmatched by traditional methods. Contact Ridgeon Network, and we can create the perfect system for your requirements.

About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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