Reports, Auditing and Monitoring for FTP Hosting & Online Storage

Ridgeon Network is happy to announce the launch of the Reporting and Monitoring System for our FTP Hosting and Online Storage Services.

This secure web panel add-on allows customers to login and generate full and detailed reports for usage across their online storage. Features include user, session and file audit trails, Email & SMS notifications and viewing of overall space & bandwidth usage of the FTP Hosting package for resource planning.

This new reporting, monitoring and auditing add-on is aimed at business who want to keep a close eye on their online storage, report on usage, and be able to go back in time to track down "who deleted that file", "what did user x do on Tuesday", "has our client uploaded those files yet", "how much space are we using and what folders are using the most?".

Our new slick interface for setting up Email and SMS Notifications allows you to start being notified in a few simple steps. This comprehensive yet simple feature will allows you to be notified as soon as your criteria are met, making your alerts always relevant. For example, maybe you are waiting for an important file upload/download from a client - setup an email or SMS notification for that user or folder and be notified instantly.

Reporting and Monitoring System Feature Overview

  • Full Activity Reporting - Specify a date range and view detailed reports with breakdowns of all activity occurring on your online storage.
  • User Activity Reporting - Monitor specific users and produce detailed reports and audit trails.
  • File Audit Trail - Discover all activity that has occurred around a single file so that you know who has uploaded, downloaded or deleted the file over any given period.
  • Email and SMS Notifications - Get Notified, Stay Informed - Easily setup notifications to be sent to your email address or by SMS to your mobile phone when your criteria are met.
  • Space Distribution Reporting - Generate a full space usage report detailing where your storage space is being used up, drill down and plan your resources.
  • Live Activity Dashboard - Running a busy FTP Hosting / Online Storage site? No problem, our live dashboard will allow you to see exactly who is logged on and all activities occurring right now.

More Information and Pricing

Check out our dedicated Reporting add-on page for detailed information, screen shots and pricing here.

Ordering and Trials

Existing customers can order this add-on by giving us a call for instant activation. Not a customer? If you are interested in setting up a free trial of our Secure FTP Hosting Services, please visit our Trial Request page and we'll have you up and running in no time. If you are ready to order and would like to choose a package with RMS you can jump straight to our Secure FTP Hosting Ordering Page, with same-day setup.

Find out more about our Secure FTP Hosting services by visiting our FTP Hosting pages, Contact Us Online or give us a call on 02476 382031.

About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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