Reporting and monitoring functionality of Ridgeon Network FTP hosting

Reporting and MonitoringRidgeon Network offers a range of online storage & FTP hosting services to hundreds of clients worldwide. Whilst there are many services available to transfer files across the Internet, it is often hard for businesses to find a service that is both UK hosted and specifically meets their professional needs. Specifically, one of these requirements if often the need to have a full audit trail of access to their storage.

Ridgeon Network's Reporting and Monitoring System (RMS) provides the benefit of full session and activity reporting. As an example, a desired date range can be selected for the viewing of all sessions and activity during that period. By drilling down by user or specific files/folders, administrators/auditors can discover exactly who uploaded, downloaded or deleted files, as well as where and how. The report includes such session details as the username, connection time, connection type, country of origin, ISP lookup and how many connections the user has made.

The RMS's user activity report provides the option to select a given user and view all of that user's activity within a specified timescale. Examples of user activity details range from event type and the specific file or folder accessed to the date and time, total transfer size and speed of transfer.

If you have very specific audit requirements, the file audit trail report is another useful function of Ridgeon Network's FTP hosting, with administrators being able to specify a filename or part of a filename to view a full report for all events and sessions where there has been interaction with that file. Information relating to uploads, downloads, file deletion, renaming/moving and folder creation/deletion can be obtained in this report, providing you every single detail on a file.

Having seen the information analysed by the RMS system, it is also easy for clients of the FTP hosting services of Ridgeon Network to set up notifications to be sent by email or SMS when an event occurs. This means that administrators or clients can be kept informed when certain actions are taken by users in relation to particular files or folders. A good example would be being alerted when a particular user downloads files from a project folder or any user deletes any file on the system.

Finally, the space distribution reporting feature provides clients an insight into how their space is being used within the wider folder structure, allowing for planning and pruning of old data. In addition, a complete overview of one's storage - including space and bandwidth usage over the last month, as well as live connections is provided on the RMS Dashboard upon login. Such a comprehensive suite of reporting and monitoring features strengthens the overall secure FTP hosting package offered by Ridgeon Network to businesses worldwide.

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