Is it time you made the move to cloud storage?

Move to cloud storageCloud storage is leading the charge in how businesses now store their data. Cloud computing allows you to streamline your business, leaving you with more time and resources to focus on your core strengths. By making the move from hosting your data in-house to hosting it remotely, you can make significant savings in capital outlay, have a higher level of security and aid collaboration with clients and suppliers.

Take the hassles out of running your own IT

Investing and maintaining your own storage capabilities can be costly and time consuming. Ridgeon Network helps businesses of all sizes focus on their core business processes by taking their storage requirements off their hands, allowing you to spend fewer resources on technology and more on growing your business.

The main reasons why businesses make the shift to cloud storage include:

Save Money

A major benefit of cloud storage is that it opens the way for economies of scales to take place, resulting in cheaper hosting costs than if you ran your own in-house servers. When expanding your storage capacity, you don't have to procure new servers, rather Ridgeon Networks' cloud storage service gives you the flexibility to tailor your storage needs as you need them.

The cost of purchasing and maintaining your own servers can be high, along with that, you also need to have the people with the technical skills to troubleshoot and fix problems as they arise. Making the shift to cloud storage means you won't have to worry about having technical staff on hand and having your servers becoming redundant over time, your data will always be hosted on up to date technology which is maintained to the highest standards.

Reliable and Predictable

Cloud computing takes the risk away from businesses and offers a more reliable and predictable service. Running your own in-house storage can lead to unexpected expenses when things decide to go wrong or when your current technology simply isn't up the current task. Ridgeon Network's pricing platform allows you to plan out your IT expenditure, enabling you to forecast your storage costs and have peace of mind you won't be hit with any expensive repair bills in the future.

Ease of use

Cloud computing allows you to access your data from anywhere in the world, enabling you to work from remote locations and enhance collaboration as multiple users can access and modify data from any location. When working in different locations, with contractors and third parties, you are able to give them access to certain documents, meaning higher level security for your data. Ridgeon Network's FTP Hosting service makes sharing and exchanging data with clients fast, secure and reliable.

Hosting your data on the cloud is straightforward when it comes to integrating it into your current systems, rapid setup times and having the flexibility to administrate and set up new users, makes making the move to cloud storage easy.

Higher Levels of Security

Having protection over your data is an essential part of business continuity; system failures, and physical security problems can result in your valuable data being destroyed or having lack of access at the most inconvenient times. When hosting your data with Ridgeon Network, you no longer need to worry about securing the data at your office because your data will be hosted in our enterprise-level data centres.

If you are interested in a Secure FTP hosting solution hosted in the UK, contact us today with your requirements and we'll be happy to set up a free trial for your business.

About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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