FTP Hosting and Online Storage for the TV and Film Industry

Whether you are a small film production company or Paramount Studios, FTP Hosting and Online Storage have a key role to play in the distribution of digital assets throughout your project workflow. Having cloud-based storage allows all parties involved with a project such as a film or advert to have secure shared digital storage they can access anywhere, from almost any device.

Let us look at a few scenarios where FTP Hosting and Online Storage could provide your business with a key advantage…

1. At the storyboarding / concept phase, you may have many businesses working on ideas for your film or advert. Each company or employee can have their own online user area to submit their work to you without their work being shared with other parties accessing your storage.

2. Artwork and Designs can be shared, revised and proofed without the need to be on-site or even in the same country. With our RMS FTP reporting add-on you would even receive an email when a new file/revision was uploaded to your FTP Hosting Server.

3. Secure video file distribution via your FTP Hosting solution gives you secure and isolated user areas to distribute production copies of your video files, previews and trailers etc to colleagues who are working on your film/TV project without having to send DVDs in the post.

The film and television industry is a good example of how FTP Hosting and Online Storage solutions can work efficiently for your business, however many of these concepts are shared across most sectors. Namely, the need to be able to share files quickly, securely and through isolated user areas.

Ridgeon Network can provide the complete solution - we use all our own secure equipment and store all data in our UK-based data centre. Request a trial and see how our services can streamline your business.

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About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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