FTP Hosting for Secure Data Rooms

FTP Hosting and Secure FTP Hosting have many uses but using our Online Storage as a Data Room for business transactions can be a useful centralised data store, accessible securely worldwide. An Online Data room is commonly used for exchanging documents and data during Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A's). Some of the key advantages for using our FTP Hosting and Cloud Storage services as your Data Room are as follows..

  • Centralised internet-based storage.
  • Isolate users to specific areas related to their responsibility.
  • Secure encrypted transmission of data.
  • Reporting and Auditing features to track usage and set up email/sms notifications.
  • Accessible by Web Browser (HTTP and HTTPS), FTP and Secure FTP (SFTP/SCP and FTPS).
  • We host all data in the UK on our own fast infrastructure for compliance with the Data Protection Act.
  • Scaleable storage, expand if you need more space for data.
  • Branded interface and custom URL address for customer/user reassurance.
  • No need for your own servers, software licensing or opening up your network.
  • Fast international connectivity from our data centre worldwide.

We also offer quarterly contracts if you do not plan to need the service long term and discounts available for users who choose an annual packages.

If you are looking to set up a Secure Data Room solution, give us a call on 02476 382031 or drop us a line via our contact page and we will be happy to put a quotation together for you. We also offer free 14 day trials to potential customers who are interested in our services, simply complete the form online and we will get you up and running same day.

About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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