FTP Hosting for Secure Automation and EDI

Our FTP Hosting packages and solutions offer a secure means for data transmission. In many cases you may be using the service to share information with specific people on teams, however you can easily use your Secure FTP Hosting and Online Storage as a means for Secure Electronic Data Interchange and Process Automation.

By using our services, you have secure online storage in "the cloud" which is accessible anytime. The advantage with Ridgeon Network is that we run all of our own equipment in the UK (ensuring you comply with the Data Protection Act) and we do not resell our services from other providers. We also have direct physical access to our equipment which allows us to provide customised solutions and responsive support to our customers.

A good example of EDI and Process Automation would be a company providing translation services...

  • Customer uploads a document that requires translation.
  • The translation company's software monitors the customer's folder on the FTP site and detects a new document.
  • New document is distributed automatically to the translators who will do the work and save it to their network
  • The automated process fetches the translated document and automatically uploads it to the FTP Hosting.
  • An email notification is fired to alert the customer their translated document is ready for download.

If you have processes you feel could be automated in the same way, feel free to contact us to discuss a solution using our Online Storage services.

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About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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