FTP Hosting 'Feature Focus' Secure Web Admin Panel

In this 'Feature Focus' for our FTP Hosting service blog, we will be concentrating on our fully web-based Administration Control Panel and Web Access to your FTP Hosting storage.

All of our FTP Hosting packages have the Web-based admin and web access panels included as standard, we're going to explore what these are used for and why they are a key benefit to our FTP Hosting solution.

As the name suggest, the Web Panel is accessible directly from your web browser over standard HTTP or encrypted over HTTPS. We provide the ability to have a fully branded login screen for your customers so that they can identify the system they are logging into. Additionally, we provide a static IP address for all of our customers which enables you to use your own domain name to point to our web panel, giving you an additional layer of company branding (eg, files.mycompany.com). All major web browsers are supported, for maximum customer system compatibility.

There are two sides to our FTP Hosting web panelThe first is the Admin Panel which allows your system administrator to perform the following functions…

  • Create users.
  • Manage existing user settings.
  • Enforce user and system security.
  • Assign permissions and access levels to users and folders.
  • Allocate and isolate users within your file structure.
  • Switch to 'user mode' so you can access all the functions of a non-admin user as well - as detailed in the next list.

The second side of the Web Panel is the client-side, allowing your users and customers to login at the same screen but be presented with a more restricted set of functions and access only to the files and data you have allocated to them. User of the Web Panel can perform the following functions…

  • Navigate the file structure of their home folder/directory.
  • Download files directly from the web browser.
  • Preview image files in a thumbnail view.
  • Upload files to the server directly from the web browser.
  • Perform a file search.
  • Where permitted, manage files within their area (eg move, delete, rename).
  • Where permitted, change their own password.

Although the web interface for admins and users works over your browser, it is directly integrated with your FTP Hosting service, therefore the files and access level your users get via an FTP/SFTP client will be the same as those you see in the browser, there is no need to independently configure the interfaces. Take a look at our 'Ways to Access' page to discover the different methods you can connect to your FTP Hosting server.

For admins, a web panel is by far the easiest way to administrate your FTP Hosting Server, and for your clients it is by far the most compatible and firewall-friendly way to access. When using HTTPS for secure web panel connections, we also provide a signed SSL certificate free of charge that can be used by all of our customers, giving you a serious cost saving by removing the need for an annual SSL certificate registration.

If you would like further information on our FTP Hosting services or would like a trial to see the web interface for yourself, please contact us or complete our 14-day free trial form.

About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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