FTP Hosting - Delegating Management of your FTP Site

If you use your FTP Hosting and Online Storage service with us for multiple purposes, projects or departments, you may find yourself needing to delegate management of users in particular areas. For example, having an overall administrator is useful but you would like the manager of your press department to be able to set up new users without having to request them from the overall admin.

Our service allows the overall administrator to set up Group Administrators and delegate the management of the users in their group without the need to come back up the chain, whilst maintaining security outside of their group. This is ideal in scenarios where you have many groups of users, requirements for quick account creation, high turnover of users accessing the system or a large organisation / user set.

When allocating any administration privilege to a user, it is always important to be able to lock down how much they can manage; ideally not an 'all or nothing' scenario as this could be dangerous for data security. Our FTP Hosting and Cloud Storage service offers levels of granularity for administration and isolated user access. By allocating a Group Administrator to a set of users, you can allow that user to create new users within their own group and allocate them to isolated home folders within their department without affecting the entire service or organisational structure (sometimes referred to as 'Delegated Administration').

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About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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