Enterprise-level Secure FTP hosting packages from Ridgeon Network

There may be many options out there for businesses across the United Kingdom with an interest in the easy transfer of large files between themselves and their clients, but no secure FTP hosting package is quite as complete as that of Ridgeon Network. The company takes pride in catering for the most specialised needs of its wide-ranging clients, with its FTP hosting for business and secure online file storage for data being no exception to this.

Whatever your business expects from secure online hosting, you are likely to find functionality to match in our own FTP hosting packages. Any volume of files can be stored, shared and distributed within your company and branches, as well as with your customers, via a full online control panel providing genuinely secure and isolated access to your online data.

The broad functionality offered by our plans allow for clients like you to make the most of any of the widest range of application possibilities, including the sharing of files such as artwork, video content and large files between clients and suppliers, and the associated avoidance of 'large attachment' email problems - files of any size can be sent with ease over the Internet. Files can be sent securely over an encrypted channel, and FTP/SFTP uploads can be resumed in the event of an interruption to your connection.

A secure FTP hosting package will also bring considerable benefits in terms of isolated data sharing, secure online backup and disaster recovery and automation, data processing and application integration. Such applications are all made possible by a generous feature set encompassing secured storage that can be accessed worldwide, a dedicated static IP address, multiple access methods, full administration and enterprise-level security.

Clients of Ridgeon Network's FTP hosting also appreciate the hosting of all of their data in our UK-based servers, in addition to the direct email and telephone support that is included as standard. Clients also have the use of the Secure Reporting and Monitoring System (RMS) for the production of detailed reports and audit trails for your online storage and FTP hosting. Not only can in-depth usage reporting take place, but email and SMS notifications can be set up to alert on events you may need to keep an eye on.

Peruse the Ridgeon Network website or get in touch with our professional team today for a more detailed discussion of your FTP hosting requirements.

About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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