Choosing the most suitable secure FTP hosting package

For all of the universal benefits of FTP hosting offered by Ridgeon Network, there is still a need to select the right package so that your business can have its most specialised requirements suitably catered for. Ridgeon Network offers an entry-level 1 GB storage option allowing 5 GB to be transferred each month. Those needing to transfer up to 30 GB per month may instead look to the 10 GB storage option, or like most new clients, opt for one of the many packages offering unlimited monthly data transfer.

The most popular of package offered comes with 25 GB Storage with unlimited transfer, however Ridgeon Network can supply up to 4TB packages and beyond depending on your needs. Across every single one of the company's packages, client businesses can take advantage of a free static IP address and an unlimited number of user accounts, as well as no restrictions on the size of files that can be transferred. Other standard features include an admin panel, client panel, FTP access, web access, secure FTP, SSH transfer, sub domain, custom domain, Sophos scanning and email & telephone support. As Ridgeon Network includes a large array of features by default on all packages, the main decision you need to make is how much storage space you require. If you are unsure on space requirements, why not start on the 25GB package and then have a mid-term upgrade after a couple of month's usage.

Ridgeon Network's FTP hosting also offers a number of add-ons including a reporting system and incremental daily / weekly backups. The Reporting and Monitoring System (RMS) add-on represents the complete web-based reporting, monitoring and auditing solution for your hosting package, encompassing full activity reporting, user activity reporting, file audit trail reporting, space distribution reporting and email & SMS notifications. The company also offers in-depth data backup and synchronization options for those who require disaster recovery (DR) and automation.

Whatever your businesses requirements from an FTP hosting solution, Ridgeon Network's online storage and secure FTP server experts are happy to discuss them with you and find the exact package to meet your needs.

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