Administrative features that should accompany an FTP hosting package

If a business is looking at their FTP hosting options for transferring large files between themselves, clients and suppliers, they will often look to a supplier that offers a feature-rich scaleable service but can also get a service set up quickly - even same day. Ridgeon Network, for example, proudly offers capacities of between 1GB and 4TB onwards, the latter of which is over 4000GB. Enquiring firms also frequently make it a priority to ensure that their data will be hosted in a suitably secure UK data centre - as is also the case with Ridgeon Network.

In addition to these most elementary requirements, firms are likely to welcome such features as the ability to use any major Web Browser, FTP, Secure FTP and SSH File Transfer in the uploading and downloading of files, as well as comprehensive as-standard telephone and email support. However, there is another factor that can determine the most appropriate FTP hosting solution: the presence of the most fully-featured administration panel for the management of users and their permissions and access.

Whichever Ridgeon Network FTP hosting package is chosen, the customer can easily adjust these settings, ensuring the separation of their company files from each of their clients and suppliers. 'Home folders' can be assigned to isolate clients, suppliers or departments so that they remain unaware of the firm's other files. This can all be done for a given user with just a few clicks. However, the admin panel also enables the configuration of an extensive range of advanced settings.

Such advanced functionality can take the form of the assignment of a user to groups, the display of a welcome message upon login, the setting of account availability in days or time and the allowance or denial of access for a particular IP address. Virtual paths, whereby links are created to folders outside a user's home folder, are also possible, while it is even an option to assign upload and download limits in terms of connections, bandwidth or maximum file size.

Server settings, too, can be adjusted for a given FTP hosting package for a superior user experience and security. Strong passwords can be enforced, for example, or passwords may be made to expire. Password recovery is another often useful feature. The installation of company SSL/encryption certificates is a further option, alongside restrictions to transfer speeds and the number of sessions, and IP addresses can also be blocked if required.

Such features of the complete web based admin panel accompanying Ridgeon Network's FTP hosting only make it an even better match for a vast range of firms' IT requirements. By calling Ridgeon Network today, prospective customers can learn more about how its hosting package could boost their own client communications.

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About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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