Additional means of access to FTP hosted data

Historically online storage and FTP hosting would provide access to your data only via FTP client software. Whilst this works well and allows files to be managed, queued up, resumed etc, it often means the end user may need to have the knowledge of using such software. Instead, if you come to Ridgeon Network with your requirements, we can supply your business with FTP hosting and online storage that enables your end users to access the same storage using a branded web based client through their browser. In addition, you can still connect up standard or secure FTP client software for your own purposes or for automation, giving you the best of both worlds and with the security of user areas maintained across all acces methods.

Clients can be given access to their areas and files through a HTTP and HTTPS (secure) web browser of which all major browsers are supported. This branded and simple interface enables the uploading, downloading, renaming and deleting of files, as well as the management of folders, without any requirement for separate software. This is an especially useful means of access for those clients with ports blocked on their corporate network.

Finally, Ridgeon Network's FTP hosting servers can also be accessed using any of the supported protocols (FTP, SFTP over SSH, FTP-ES, FTP-SSL) via the command line, automation scripts, shell and custom applications. This makes it possible to integrate the customer's secure FTP file system into their own business applications and processes, in addition to the automation of systems.

If you have custom requirements or have questions regarding our services, feel free to give us a call and we can get a soluation set up for you that meets your exact needs.

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