Using FileZilla's 'Syncronised Browsing' feature to speed up FTP browsing

It may not initially sound like a huge time saving change to make, but if you use FTP clients such as FileZilla on a daily basis you would be surprised how much time you spend changing folders/directories on your local then remote list.

Using FileZilla's 'Syncronised Browsing' option allows FileZilla to automatically change your remote folder to the exact folder you have changed to on your local system. This way, both folder views (local and remote) are always in the same place. This also works visa-versa with remote/local browsing.

You can set this up per FTP site or simply turn it on when you are navigating lots of folder structures.

How to change this setting..

You can manually turn this feature on and off at any time using CTRL+Y or by selecting 'Syncronised Browsing' from the 'View' menu.

Alternatively, you can turn this on by default for specific sites in your 'Site Manager'.
You will find the option under each site in the 'Advanced Tab', see below.

About the author: Chris, Director at Ridgeon Network

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